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We will be part of the AVD Historic Race Cup.

We will start as international series recognised by the FIA.


Race schedule

All raceweekends contains 2 qualyfiyings and 2 races.




Championship registration:          350€ (Once per season, not necessary for guests)

Single events:

Guest                                        700€ (1 race-weekend in total 2 practice sessions and 2 races)
Registered driver                         600€ (1 race-weekend in total 2 practice sessions and 2 races)


Newcomer                                 2000€ (includes 3 race-weekend in total 6 practices and 6 races)

Pro                                           3800€ (includes 5 race-weekend in total 12 practices,12 races and the registration fee)


FFR classes 2018


Class A FF2000                                   

Class B FF1600 pre90       

Class C FF1600 post89

Class D  FF1600 pre84  

Class E FF Zetec   


Documents 2018



Conditions of entry 2017



Numbers FFR 2017


FFR Startnummern 2017_V01.pdf
PDF-Dokument [257.2 KB]


Registrarion FFR 2018 as PDF



Registration FFR 2018 as MS Word


new_Einschreibung FFR 2018_D_E_F.docx
Microsoft Word-Dokument [33.2 KB]


Race entry FFR 2018 as PDF



Race entry FFR 2018 as MS Word


new_Nennung FFR 2018_D_E_F_dijon.docx
Microsoft Word-Dokument [37.1 KB]
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